Monday, March 10, 2008

Behind the Beats

I've been working on a new project for one of my clients and i'm getting pretty excited about it.

number one, it's a slightly recycled idea that was "really great but not for right now" about a year ago. my partner and i were pretty into the concept, but the client ended up buying off on something else at the time. (that 'something else' ended up really awesome, so i'm certainly not sad they went with it). this time around we revamped the idea, made it even cooler, and managed to sell it through. gotta love a respin.

number two, the developer that's building it is totally rad. he's the kind of guy that you hope and pray will work on your stuff because he just gets it. he wants to add his own flare and make things even better. you know, "wouldn't it be cool if..."

number three, i always like it when i have the chance to do some of my own illustration.

anyway, it's going to be a while before i can unveil the new work, but i thought i'd give a little tease. why not, right?

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