Friday, March 14, 2008

I anti-heart Evite

let's face it: it's got a major case of the uggs. does anyone really like the design and UI of Evite? sorry guys, but i just don't. so here are a couple of more design-oriented alternatives to the handy invite program:


the designs available here are simple, clean, and just a whole lot more appetizing. they've got the whole email/sms/web/print/social networking sites upload availability. plus there are no annoying banner ads (har har) that come with them. you can even design your own, make a PDF, and upload it directly to the site for use. not bad.


self described: "Coordinatr helps you create and manage small, last minute events, such as happy hours, barbecues and weekend getaways. We like to call these "microevents". We provide you with just the necessary tools so the process is as simple and efficient as possible." simple and efficient? worth a look.

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