Friday, March 7, 2008

Links, Week 6

perhaps it seems like a copout that i'm only offering up 3 links this week, but we didn't have the time to discuss last week's so I certainly don't want to overload us this time around. that, and i'm terribly busy at work. such is life.

so let's get right into this:

instead of featuring images/thumbnails of recent work on the home page, they’ve created a sort of news update. A short blurb on what’s current, including a short list of new work. Not showing it does create a bit of interest, I must admit. It would be awesome if the list was clickable, however. As is, i would have to sift through the “work” section and find it on my own. You’re assuming I’m more interested than I am.

I do like the blur rollover. It’s a new one, and it’s pretty snazzy.

I also like the layout and design. Very simple with a large workspace. Just what I’m looking for in my own site. there are a few extras that I think some people would appreciate, but I don’t tink are necessary (the “duration” in the bottom left, your mouse location, etc)

I was surprised by the infusion of color in the “info” and “contact” pages. What do you think about this, lotus? Nice? Tacky? I thought it was a little out of character for the look/feel that had been set up, but I’m also not convinced I don’t like it.

sooooo the homepage doesn’t have any cool new updates or recent news, or anything fresh for that matter. Except for a nice new shape on the thumbnails. They kind of look like venetian blinds, and I like it. I’m so used to seeing squares and horizontal rectangles that this choice actually stands out as new and fun. When really it’s the same exact thing. Score one for you, mr. vector.

Also, is the whole thing one of those plug-ins you were referring to? Seems that way to me. Makes things easy, no? ‘cept his is all fancy-like.

Sidenote: this guy is super talented.

Hello Color
the way the thumbnails animate in make me seize a little. I also think they are too small, I’d like to see more, well, color. The rollover is interesting though: the thickened stroke I’ve seen (and like), but I haven’t seen the covering up of another adjacent thumbnail to offer a small description. Not that I want to do this, I just don’t think it’s necessary, but! Something to keep in my back pocket for the future, perhaps.

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