Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Praise the Lourdes

my first official post is going to have only slightly more content than my actual first post. whoopee. aren't you excited to read on?

the gist: my umpteenth semester at the Academy is beginning Monday. I'll be taking an After Effects class in the New Media school (thank you melinda and lourdes for letting me play by a few of my own rules). Looking forward to this, as i have no IDEA how to use said software. Yesterday i came to find that there's only one copy of it at my office, making my life a little more difficult. Alas, at least i won't have to buy right away (perhaps after one week I'll be sick of travelling to other machines, but for now i'm not spending the big $$).

I will also be taking a one-on-one directed study with the illustrious Lotus. We'll be focusing on my website—every last detail of its design, content, and user experience. pardon the pun.

should be a good (and of course busy) semester. yee-haw.

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