Thursday, January 24, 2008


For the past two months i've been working on a re-launch campaign for one of our clients. I'm talking the works: banners, emails, t-shirts, tchotckies, tagline, events, etc. Many late nights and weekends. Nothing groundbreaking, mind you, mainly just a lot of time spent. Yesterday, eod, i found out everything has been "put on hold for now" (read: canceled). Insert swift kick in the shins.

This morning a coworker of mine (who was originally working on the project with me, way back in the day) brought me the "it could be worse" factor. He told me that another guy we used to work with hasn't had anything go live in over a year because of focus groups, office politics and who knows what else. And I thought my little project had a sad outcome. I can't imagine having every single project you work on never see the light of day. Ah, advertising.

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