Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Creative Urge and the 29 Day Giving Challenge

This post is a little out of the ordinary for this blog, but it's still relevant.

I recently reconnected with a friend and she shared her new work with me. I have to say, I'm really rather inspired. Her name is Cami Walker, and she's created her own business called Creative Urge where she uses her mastery of strategy to help you make your dream career a reality. In her own words:

Creative Urge is a business endeavor or creative project that begs to be manifested into reality. It's the change in career you've been yearning to make. Or that new business idea you know will set you free – if you could just launch it. It's that book you've been dreaming of publishing or that artwork you want to see hanging in someone else's house.

I can help you bring your Creative Urge to fruition so it exists in the real world – not just in your head.

That's great in its own right, but what really inspired me was her 29 Day Giving Challenge. Perhaps it sounds a little cheesy at first, but after watching Daryn Kagan's story on it, I began to appreciate it more and more.

So how is this relevant, you ask? This project has become a worldwide movement online. She's managed to create something huge out of a simple social site. Something us interactive AD's can look up to. And if we can't make it happen, we could always get her advice on our next career move.

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