Monday, July 21, 2008


This weekend I went to the Download Music Festival. Honestly, it was slightly underwhelming as far as the music and tech gadgets were concerned (too bad that was the point of the fest!), but the company was fabulous and the people watching great. Anyway, what's my point? I heard one band play that made up for the rest of the average, generic rock-like sounds that permeated the venue. And as we speak I'm using a great application for creating new playlists and sharing them with your friends: Mixwit.

This site uses Seeqpod and SkreemR to find streaming mp3's online and lets you create, save, and share playlists, No Purchase Necessary. They do have links to buy the mp3's on amazon, should you so desire. But amazon? Really? I wish it were iTunes. Eh. One fun perk is that you get to put your lists on customizable old school cassette tapes.

By the way, the band is Cut///Copy.

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