Thursday, July 17, 2008

iPhone Apps

ok. i did it. i ordered my iPhone. eee! but as i wait the excruciating 7-10 day period i get to look at all the cool (and not) apps out there, awaiting my downloading pleasure. oh, i am a dork after all.

Loopt is an interesting one. It's a stalker-esque (although they like the term 'social compass') application that lets you track all your friends' past and present locations. personally, it makes me feel a little too followed. but i can see how it might come in handy now and then (example: late and stumbly weekend nights in the Mission. where ARE you?!)

Where is another location-based app that lets you explore what's around you. You can find nearby restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, etc, and then share them with friends. could be kind of neat, although i'm not sure how often i'd actually use it.

Laptop Mag also came up with a nice Favorites List, which includes some free ones. I'm intrigued by the Google Mobile app, since I, too, wonder just how different it would be from using the browser.

But oh, the App Store. 550 cheap/free apps for our time-wasting and time-management pleasure. And it's integrated into your (my!) iPhone so it's fast and idiot-proof to download and install these tasty software morsels. mmm. I've been perusing them via iTunes and come across some seriously rad ones.

A few interesting ones:

Etch-A-Scetch. really! shake the iPhone and it erases your drawing.

Super MonkeyBall. well, there are actually a lot of games out there that use the accelerometer (tilt axis). this one just looks particularly ridiculous. and, you know, kinda fun.

Shazam. you know when you hear one of those pop songs that got stuck in your head at some club last week? well, catch it when it's playing, hold your iPhone up to it, and Shazam identifies the song, band, and album (and yes, a link to buy it on iTunes).

oh man. i'm never gonna get anything done. ever again. either that or i'm going to become a super-productive friend-stalker. ack!

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