Monday, July 21, 2008


I've actually been using this website for a long time now. At least a year. And I love it! Some people that know me know I love lists. I usually have a few going at a time: to do today, songs to buy, places to go, restaurants I want to try, bars to check out, gifts I want to get for really, I keep lists like these. My memory is so bad that I sometimes I even forget important things, so i gotta keep lists.

Anyway, there's one website that helps with this: Gubb. It's all about lists. I can have as many as I want and can customize them accordingly. I can cross things off or just have them disappear all together. I can email or text myself (and my friends!) my lists. I can change colors, assign due dates, retrieve and add things by text, archive completed items, and rearrange lists on the page. There are mobile versions of the browsers for my PDA (ok, maybe i just like thinking about my iPhone). Then you an print your lists because sometimes you just want it old school.

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