Wednesday, February 20, 2008

but how do i do my timesheets?

we'd all like to think we can do anything in photoshop. alas, we're all students, and i'm certainly not ashamed of perusing online tutorials in my down time (and even in panic time!). PSDTuts is a resource for brushing up on photoshop skillz, or finding an easier way to create that damn texture that's been giving you trouble.

one of the things i like best about this site is that it's easy to navigate. there's a clear nav bar at the top of the page and a nice list of tutorials at the bottom. i've found that a lot of tutorial sites are hard to sift through. if you're looking for a specific thing, say, "how to create those awesome glassy orbs," you have to look through every single entry only to find out it's not there. so thank you, PSDTuts, for creating a helpful website that's actually helpful.

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