Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Links, Week 3

Design and Design
now we’re talking uber-simple. Not sure that I would be able to convey all the information I have in this kind of set-up, but (and here’s the reason for the link) I do enjoy the rollovers and how the image expands to the size of the grid.
I will say, however, that even though this is a completely simple design, at least it’s designed. Think back to some of the simple sites we've looked at previously — Simple. Boring. Not pretty.

Justin Maller’s online portfolio.
Certainly celebrates the work. I’m not sure I want to go this big, but for this work specifically I think it’s just right. You don’t even leave the main page to get the bio/client info, they pop open in another window. Another instance of this plugin with the overlay technique. I’m beginning to feel like it’s overused, since I’ve seen it so often and it’s only week 3.

New Future Graphic
simple setup, I’m certainly never confused. Love the integration of the blog. But…that might be it. Nix the scroll bar. Long lists of titles aren’t inviting. See? I’m learning! At least I can explain why I don’t like things now!

Aline Caron
now here’s something to talk about. At first glance the site looks like a tshirt graphic. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on, but it sure is purdy. Whether or not this initial fault is really that bad is up for discussion, because then you start interacting and it becomes abundantly clear. FILTERS! I like the little rollover states on the nav bar, which in and of itself is fun (I like the different lengths on the black bars)
I’m not sure I love the little shaking rollover on the work links, but that’s a minor thing.
Once you click on one of the project links it takes a while for the page to load, but that’s just because it’s all flash. Not sure how to get around that. The imagery is BIG and beautiful, and if you click on “autres projets” you get a new nav (pink squares) so that you don’t have to go back to the main page every time you want to move on. Nicely done!
This is an entirely fresh look at a portfolio site, and I like it. BUT! I do wonder your take on it, Lotus.

perhaps a little beyond my capabilities, but it sure has personality. Bringing back the hand-drawn type is always fun (if it fits), but this is taking it to a whole new level with the rollovers.
Also, remember that issue I had with a plethora of work (i.e text links) just barfed onto one page? Well, here’s a much better way of organizing lots of links into breakout menus. A bit easier to digest, and keeps the user interested.

As an aside, I like the little sound on/off button. Guitar that smashes when you turn it off? Lovely.

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