Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Conflict Resolution: Who's Winning?

More training today here at the office. Good things, for sure. I wish we had a single subject that we took to the streets for a several-day off-site; but alas, i'll take what i can get.

today's seminar focused on conflict resolution, specifically with clients, but the steps can be applied anywhere in life. the key information i took away from the seminar was the "issue resolution process" — the 5 key steps. while they might seem obvious, we don't always go there when we're faced with a difficult situation. defenses go up, emotions get in the way, and we stop actively listening to the other person. some of us are competitive, others avoid conflict at all cost. we're not all instantly collaborative, which is fine—but are we willing to learn how to be?

one of the reasons some of us can't reach a "winning" resolution is because the client/agency relationship is defunct to begin with. good relationships require understanding (comfort), trust (which takes time), respect (reciprocated), partnership (better work & less stress), and chemistry (the element of fun). If you're missing any of these elements, it's nearly impossble for both parties to be happy with an outcome. one side concedes, another feels victorious. rinse, repeat.

remember: "unless both sides win, no resolution is permanent." and if you can't achieve a better process for dealing with your differences, this partnership ain't gonna work.

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